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Choose The Right Path.

It's not just sports

“Choose The Right Path” is not just about sports. It is about inspiring young people to gravitate towards transformational life changes that will benefit them, their families and their communities. Our ultimate goal is to motivate those we meet to develop positive mindset’s in which some daily physical activity and healthy eating becomes a natural choice in their journey of life

Errol Purcell

Founder & director

Choose The Right Path believes that physical activities not only improve general skills that impact on overall health but they also foster critical thinking that promotes positive attitudes. This can enhance cross-transferable skills in many different environments. For instance, participation in team sports promotes good communication skills as everyone has a role and an opportunity to contribute to overall success and this impacts positively on the way different people relate to each other. It also creates a mode of thinking, which draws people together, deflecting focus away from potentially adverse differences.

We help break social barriers

With years of experience

Sport has always been an effective tool to overcome social barriers to help communities integrate and work together. "Choose the Right Path" will encourage and bring people together on common ground to build lasting relationships by helping individuals build self esteem and self confidence which will enable them to understand other people’s viewpoints.

Kagan's story

Kagan a talented young man who with help from Choose The Right Path and Errol Purcell has shown incredible commitment and made life changing choices

Video: Kagan’s love for basketball is what kept him off the streets and on the court.

Youth Community Centre - Dance Group

Mentored by Errol Purcell, these two young women, having chosen ‘The Right Path’, turned there lives around and are now investing their time and energy into their dreams of becoming a dance duo.

Video: Download their dance video here.

Errol Purcell

We are an unrivalled partnership of like minded individuals who, through similar experiences gained on and off the sporting platforms, have developed a bespoke series of programmes and packages to engage and motivate young people to visualise and achieve their ambitions. To deliver our programmes we work alongside partnership organisations and our network of subject matter specialists. These include ex and current celebrated sports people, academics local politicians and leading social enterprises

Self esteem

We help foster and promote the ability to reflect on oneself and promote postive self-esteem.


We try to inspire people to take their own initiative and achieve more.

Problem solving

We foster critical thinking to help problem solving skills.

Social wellbeing

We provide an environment to help promote social wellbeing.


We help develop skills that don't just help in sports but also in life.


We provide a range of support on and off the court.

We've already changed many lives for the better

"The sessions have really helped me over the summer, I have got more confidence in my game because in the past I never used to shoot the ball even if I was wide open but thanks to everything you have taught me I actually shoot more now and I have gained more motivation to get on with things such as uni work as well as working on my basketball game in general"

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